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Faithlife Giving comes with a whole suite of church communication and engagement tools, simplifying your church’s technology.


Perfect if you receive under $7,500 in monthly online gifts.



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Processing Fees:

2.99% + 45¢ Credit/Debit | 1.0% + 45¢ ACH/eCheck


Perfect if you receive over $7,500 in monthly online gifts.





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Processing Fees:

2.49% + 30¢ Credit/Debit | 1.0% + 30¢ ACH/eCheck

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Top questions about pricing

How secure is Faithlife Giving?

Faithlife Giving implements a variety of industry-standard security measures to maintain the safety of the donor’s personal and cardholder information. All supplied credit card information is transmitted and encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure compliance with data protection regulations, such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Please see our privacy policy for more information.

How and when will funds be deposited into the church’s bank account once a transaction has been made?

Faithlife Giving will deposit credit/debit card and ACH/eCheck transactions together into the church’s bank account, minus any processing fees. If you prefer to have the fees deducted in a separate transaction on the same day, please submit your request for this funding option to

In both scenarios, activity should be visible in your church’s bank account 2–3 banking days after a transaction has been made. Deposits and debits to your account will be be prefixed with "FLC*".

Your monthly flat-rate fee is deducted separately from your account on the date it was approved for funding. For example, merchants who signed up and were approved on the 18th would be billed their first month's fee that day and on the 18th of each subsequent month.

Does Faithlife Giving support fund accounting?

Yes. Every gift received through Faithlife Giving is allocated to a fund so that you can easily perform fund accounting. The reports include fund-level details and aggregate information for easy reconciliation.

How will I know if funds can be transferred into my church’s bank account?

Once you submit your onboarding form and get approved to receive funds, the Faithlife Giving team will review the information submitted so that funds can be transferred to your church’s bank account. This review process takes between 1–2 business days. Once reviewed and approved, we will notify you via email and begin transferring funds to your bank account.

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